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Nuvo Grand Concerto

The folks at Nuvo continue to expand upon the successful Grand Concerto whole house music system with new and improved Tuners, iPod interfaces, music servers and more. Take a look at the specs on the Grand Concerto and come see it at our booth at the Home Solutions Expo Sept 20-21 at the Salem Civic Center.

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Grand Concerto Features:

  • Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability, and up to eight zones of music (expandable to sixteen zones)
  • 80 watts of power per zone – music played loud or soft with NuVo’s signature impeccably crisp, clean sound.
  • Generation D design protocol featuring digital amplification – runs cooler, saves energy, outputs more power.
  • Capacitive Touch Control Pads – glass-smooth touch pad with smart-source feedback.
  • 2.7” vivid OLED Control display – easily visible in any room lighting, displays up to 8 lines of text.
  • Two un-powered zones – used with the NV-P2100 auxiliary satellite amplifier powers up to 6 speakers in a zone, ideal for large living spaces or outdoor applications.
  • Built-in infrared receiver – designed to block adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting.
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